Prepárate offers funding for education. You make fixed-rate payments lower than the tuition fees while you are still studying. Upon graduating, you will pay the rest at long term with a low interest rate.

Our funding program only supports face-to-face bachelor and master studies. The program does not include on-line studies, specialty courses and PHD studies.

Prepárate has a very important social impact and the beneficiaries’ payments contribute to help us support more students who require funding.




Check if you comply with the requirements that make you eligible for funding.


You must be studying your bachelor’s degree at present (at least the second year), or you must already have a Letter of Acceptance at a Master’s degree program.

Minimum grades’ average: 8

Submit proof of income of a joint-debtor

Credit Bureau reports of the student and the joint-debtor
Download the guideline to obtain the report (in spanish). Click here.

You are a candidate!

We are very sorry


1. Fill out the application form. Click here.
2. Send the documentation.
3. Attend an interview (we will contact you after receiving your legible and complete documentation).
4. Accept the payments’ proposal
5. Sign the contract


Testimonio Licenciatura - María Fernanda Chávez
Testimonio Maestría - Adrián Gutierrez
Testimonio - Sergio Gil - Economía
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Testimonio Licenciatura - María Fernanda Chávez
Testimonio Maestría - Adrián Gutierrez
Testimonio - Sergio Gil - Economía
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One of the aims in Prepárate is to enhance the educational process of our students, through training, mentoring and strategic business alliances that can facilitate them access to competitive job opportunities.


Competency-based training

The industry uses competency-based recruitment processes. Although they focus on few competencies, people with such competencies are highly valued. These important competencies are the basis of our free e-learning based training.
E-learning access.


After identifying the required resources and competencies, we teach students how to achieve results through e-coaching and e-mentoring. Electronic communication exchange allows students to access a pool of professionals interested in supplementing their development.

Business Alliances

Through our alliances with business groups of different industries, we identify and provide competitive job opportunities to our students.