Which concepts receive funding?

The tuition fee for a bachelor’s or master’s degree, as well as short continuing education programs. Sometimes the program also funds living or other expenses linked to academic continuity. The program does not fund PHD studies.

If I already have an education’s loan or a scholarship, can I still apply for funding?

Yes, you can. In case of a bachelor’s degree, our funding is only applicable if you have a scholarship. That is, our funding will supplement the support that you are already receiving. If you are going to study a master’s degree our funding will consider both scenarios, but you have to state your case quite clearly.

What happens if I drop out?

You will have to continue paying the funded amount even if you are not working or studying.

How much will I pay after graduating?

You will know the amount of the fixed-rate monthly payments from the start, at low interest rates.

Do I have to purchase life insurance?

As of January 2021 our financing includes life insurance at no cost.